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Packaging : Update your Unboxing Experience

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Human nature is such that most people will not remember the specifics of what you tell them about your product or service for very long. But they will remember how your product or service makes them feel, and that feeling will be burned into their memory for eternity. So it vital to make sure you impart positive vibes in every step of the purchasing process, and that includes after they've made the decision to buy.

For physical products, the unboxing experience cannot be understated, and if you need proof just look at Apple's iPhone. The package exudes positive vibes with its clean white look, and sturdy design. Gently slide open the telescoping box, and the gleaming wrapped phone is prominently displayed on a white tray, with its accessories neatly tucked underneath. You know you have received something special.

I recently worked with a client to upgrade their packaging. They were hiding their product in white paper shavings:

I revised the design with a cleaner look, and better unboxing experience.

Now you're getting something special! And they will remember!

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