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Print: Direct Mail & The Mighty Mail List

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The mailing list is generally the lowest cost component, yet arguably the most important aspect of a successful direct mail campaign. Spending a little more on a targeted list of prospects will significantly improve response rates and your ROI.

Its remarkable what data is compiled about you by websites, credit card companies, app usage, and numerous other sources. Mailing lists access this data, identify and then sort consumers into various Audience Propensities. These are compiled lists designed to predict consumer behavior as well as product and brand affinities. They provide insight into a consumer's likelihood to respond, convert and remain loyal. Propensities have shown to increase the number of responses by 2.5x to a standard demographic list. That translates to significant ROI improvement!

For instance, if you're looking to engage with households that like full size SUV's, you can target them. Or prefers shopping for apparel on-line. Or is likely looking for a home. There are thousands of categories sorted by demographics, geography, wealth, and behaviors, and they're all out there waiting to hear from you or your competition. You better get going!

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